Medications and nutritional deficiencies

Over 50% of our population is on two or more medications. Statins are some of the most prescribed prescriptions for reduction of cholesterol. It has been shown that statins can cause potentially devastating drops in CoQ10, which is needed for proper energy production. Supplementing with a good source of naturally-occurring CoQ10 is advisable, as well as liver support, as many medications accumulate in the liver as toxins. Increasing B12 and Vitamin D3 is advised, as well as eating foods containing healthy fats, such as wild caught salmon, coconut oil, and avocados. Obtaining enough protein is also important, as well as adding fermented foods and reducing sugar and gluten in the diet. Adding regular exercise, getting regular chiropractic care and reducing stress will complete the picture. Who knows, maybe some of these medications will become unnecessary when all these steps are taken. I will be happy to answer any questions about these ideas.

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