Recover Faster After Injury with Riverside Physiotherapy

At Woodcrest Chiropractic, our Riverside chiropractor Dr. Lynn integrates comprehensive physiotherapy services into our chiropractic treatment plans to help patients heal quickly and safely following an injury.

Physiotherapy is the treatment, healing and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries with the intent to relieve pain, restore mobility, help the body heal after injury or surgery, and support whole body health.

Our physiological therapeutic procedures include whole body vibration therapy, intersegmental traction, cervical traction, and low-level laser therapy. All treatment plans are fully customized to meet each patient’s unique injury recovery needs. Dr. Lynn and our team are here to help you live a healthier, more active life!

Riverside Physiotherapy: Intersegmental Traction and Cervical Traction

After an injury, spinal compression can place pressure on nearby nerves and restrict mobility. Cervical traction and intersegmental traction are two physiotherapy techniques designed to gently alleviate spinal compression to relieve pain and bring a fuller range of mobility back to the body.

Intersegmental traction is a passive therapy that gently stretches the spinal joints for increased mobility after injury. During intersegmental traction treatment, patients lie down on a special table with rollers just underneath the surface. These rollers can be adjusted depending on your specific injury in order to safely and effectively elongate the spinal joints and muscles. As your muscles relax, the vertebrae are able to move normally, creating space for them to resume their natural alignment. In addition to increasing mobility, traction therapy can also help relieve muscle spasms for improved balance, strength and mobility.

Cervical traction is a similar technique focused specifically on the safe traction of the cervical spine (the neck) and is most commonly prescribed for patients after a whiplash injury.

Riverside Physiotherapy: Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Whole body vibration therapy is a physiotherapy technique during which you stand, sit, or lie on a machine with a special vibrating platform. As the machine vibrates, it transmits energy to your body and forces the muscles to rapidly contract and relax. Whole body vibration is a safe way to activate and strengthen the muscles after an injury. Our chiropractor recommends it as a complementary treatment technique for the management of back pain (vibration therapy builds a stronger core), as well as for improving balance in older adults or individuals healing after an injury.

Riverside Physiotherapy: Low-Level Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy is a cutting-edge treatment technique that uses light to deliver targeted energy directly into injured body parts. The laser’s energy penetrates just below the skin’s surface and is utilized as cellular fuel to aid the recovery process. Laser therapy can reduce inflammation and swelling, help injuries heal faster, and improve the flow of oxygen-rich blood through the body. Laser therapy is an FDA-approved treatment that has been used by professional athletes and sports trainers. Our Riverside chiropractor is excited to offer this revolutionary treatment for our patients!

Don’t let an injury slow you down and keep you from enjoying a full, active life. For more information on how our physiotherapy services can support your recovery, call 951-780-8833.