“I have not had sinus problems since beginning chiropractic care. I can get through a work day without any of the fatigue I used to experience.”

“My headaches have disappeared and I think I can even think more clearly.”

“Chiropractic care is so comfortable with the use of the Activator. I used to be sore for several days after an adjustment, but I no longer experience that.”

“Since Dr. Scecina started me on the supplements specifically geared to my condition, I have felt so much more energy and I can tell my body is responding.”

“I can tell now when I need to get adjusted. My body can only go so long before I begin to notice that it’s time.”

“Finding Dr. Scecina has been a huge blessing in my life. Over two years ago I suffered a neck injury at the gym. I had already been in two car accidents, so my neck was already weak. It was completely debilitating and depressing because I couldn’t work or exercise or even hold my head up most days. I searched for answers in the medical community, but was only given drugs that would alter my mental state or provide temporary relief. I sought treatment from two chiropractors and three physical therapists and still suffered with pain and weakness every day. I had all but given up when a friend told me about Dr. Scecina. I knew my first visit that she was different. She spent a lot of time with me and reviewed my case, x-rays, and MRI results. Her approach was holistic and she assured me she could help my situation. I can honestly say now only a month later that I have been healed. My neck is getting stronger every day and I am feeling more energy than I have in years. Her approach is gentle (no popping or cracking) and she treats the whole spine as well as the insufficiencies in diet and or toxicities in the body. Her staff is kind, efficient, and flexible. I am so thankful to have my vitality back. Thank you, Dr. Scecina!”

– J.A.